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Years ago, before cameras and photography existed, people who could afford to do so would have their portraits painted.  They were beautifully and painstakingly created by the artist with the idea that these portraits would hang on the walls of homes and be handed down through generations.

I believe in the power of a portrait.  I believe that there will be many moments in your life when you will look at  printed images of the people you love--or of yourself--and be so thankful that you have those frozen moments in time.  Nothing brings me more joy than creating those beautiful images of my fellow human beings.

My name is Joey Monson-Lillie, and I am a Northwestern Wisconsin portrait photographer with the heart of an artist.  My style is classic, artistic, simple, and emotive.   I love to capture people's authentic selves while simultaneously creating  beautiful works of art to hang on the walls of their homes.  

My goal is to leave you with a portrait session that you completely enjoyed, and gorgeous, printed images that will last for generations.   

Please feel free to follow the contact link above to reach me for a complimentary consultation.  


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