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Every one of us has recent photos of ourselves. We’re at a point in history and technologically that we all have thousands of digital photos of ourselves and loved ones floating around. Even those of us who don’t wish or like to have our photo taken have photos of ourselves on our phones; whether those be selfies on a day when we felt pretty cute or of special moments with our friends and families. Those of us who don’t particularly enjoy having our mug captured for all posterity to see still understand the importance of documenting our lives and marking special moments visually.

I’m a photographer because I’m an artist and I love creating visual beauty in many mediums and genres. But I’m a portrait photographer because I truly love capturing the unique beauty in people, and in my heart I understand the value of capturing who you and your family are at this moment in the creative and artistic way that you and generations after you deserve.

You already exist in photos, my friend. But I want to help you create a printed work of art that you are proud to own and that will never stop giving back every time you hold it in your hands or stare at it on your wall.

Creating visual legacies is what my team and I do, and we love every blessed part of it. We’d be honored if you asked us to help you create a beautiful visual legacy for you and your family.  

Studio Portraits

We want to ensure that you see value in your portraits!  In our experience the best way to ensure our clients' get exactly what they want out of their portrait session is by getting to know them, their personalities and styles, and also their wants and needs before quoting a price.  We provide an individualized complimentary consultation at our studio to ensure that we are providing you with a portrait service that you not only value, but are downright thrilled with!  Plus, we are super stoked about getting to know you. Truly. It’s why we love what we do!

Our studio portrait service is based on the idea of quality over quantity. At your Printed Portrait Reveal appointment, you will have the opportunity to choose from up to 24 Fine Art edited images to purchase individually or as a package, along with archival-quality prints and print products.

All studio sessions start at $525 for a styled session and can be customized to suit your budget and needs.

Additional session items such as hair, makeup, additional hours of session time, Rent the Runway wardrobe items and jewelry are available as add-ons to your session fee.

On-Location Lifestyle Portraits

Lifestyle sessions are for those who enjoy a more organic and editorial look to their portraits. They’re done at the location of your choice, whether in your home or an outdoor location. Lifestyle portraits have a different vibe and feel to them than studio portraits and are less formal in their captures and editing technique, but it doesn’t make them any less beautiful!

These Lifestyle sessions start at $400 for an hour of coverage with unlimited wardrobe and styling consulting services. You will receive a minimum of 40 editorial-style edited digital images at your Digital Reveal Appointment, and can choose to purchase additional ala carte archival-quality print menu items as you wish.

We also love to travel! If you’re looking at a destination shoot, let us know your destination and we can begin putting a quote together for you! 

Other Photography Services & Weddings

While portraits are our main focus, we also provide other photography services such as commercial product and real estate photography, personal branding and headshots, and a select number of weddings.

Please feel free to reach out to us for a complimentary phone or in-studio consultation to see if we can help you bring your vision to life!

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